Are You a Beauty Rebel?

I hope so. Because going natural is an act of defiance. It’s about taking a different path than the mainstream, even if it’s an adjustment at first. It’s about saying, as women, we deserve to be protected and most importantly? Told the truth.

You know how a nice warm bubble bath makes you feel at the end of the day? Or your favorite shade of lipstick adds a moment of private delight when you catch yourself in a mirror? We need that. It makes life better.

Pampering ourselves in this way should be free from worry. It should be nourishing on all levels. Let’s buy from companies who share this belief, not from big corporations who don’t get it. Because it’s not about consuming products. It’s about taking care of ourselves, in every sense.

Detoxing your beauty routine is daring. And being daring is sexy. So I just have one question… are you in?

Good. Because this blog will help you go natural… with STYLE. There won’t be chemistry lessons – just the basics you need to stay safe. You’ll find clear info and fun pictures so you know exactly what to do. And oh yeah? I keep it affordable, with most products under 15$, many even less!

My Story

About | Makeup Detox

A few years ago I read a report by the FDA about lead in lipstick. What? This totally freaked me out. When I saw my favorite L’Oreal lipstick was #2 worst on the list, I couldn’t believe it (same shade and everything).

I was already careful about being healthy. But I’d been unknowingly putting an extra burden on my body. This made me mad – women aren’t aware so they can’t make informed choices. And that’s just wrong.

I knew things had to change, but I had no idea where to start.

So I did research – tons of it. Some of it depressing (did you know 80% of cosmetic ingredients are untested?), some of it fun (ooh, lipstick swatches!). One thing was sure: I didn’t want to settle. I didn’t want inferior products and I didn’t want to pay a fortune.

I ordered samples, samples and… you guessed – more samples! I tried lipglosses that were sheer and oily (ick), eyeliner that smeared all over my lids at work (awkward) and weird nail polish that peeled off my nails (don’t ask). I gasped at the prices of the ’boutique’ natural products out there. There was a lot of time with Google.

It took about six months, and yes – I completely re-vamped my beauty routine. It was emotional (who knew I was so attached to my products?), fun and ultimately super rewarding. I would NEVER go back to using mainstream products now – partly because they’re full of nasties but also because I have way more fun with my makeup now.

And I think I look better. So there’s that.

PS. Coming to you from brr Montreal, Canada.

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