All Natural Blushes – Loose, Pressed and Creme

It’s the end of a long winter. In this neck of the frozen world (Montreal) most of us are pasty and pale. That’s why we need blush. All of us.

We have three options; loose, pressed and creme. It’s a matter of preference and each have their pluses and minuses.

Loose Blush

Loose blush gives such a nice glow… here are some of my faves. There’s one lonely bronzer in there because I find most bronzers make me look orange and weird (but this one doesn’t).

All Natural Loose Blushes | Makeup Detox

Everyday Minerals has great blushes – they have a slight sheen but they’re not too sparkly. Bubblegum is a cool pink, very girly and fun with a 50’s vibe.

Honeybee Gardens Loose Blushes | Makeup Detox

Honeybee Gardens loose blushes aren’t the most saturated in color, but that makes them a great option if you’re getting started with loose powder. I like ginger a lot. If you have dark skin, I’m not sure these will show up enough.

Pressed Blushes

Pressed blushes are great for convenience – they’re what I bring when I travel or go to the gym.

All Natural Pressed Blushes | Makeup Detox

Peachwood looks quite brown in this picture but it’s one of my faves, very wearable. Psst, get 5$ off your first purchase at Real Purity.

Creme Blushes

Creme blushes are always tricky for me – they give the nicest dewy glow, but you have to rub them in and your cheeks get red in the process. It can be hard to tell if it’s you or the blush that’s rosy. Yes I have left my house in a rush and ended up looking slighly clownish or ghostish. No one was harmed.

All Natural Creme Blushes | Makeup Detox

I love love Cocoa Berry by 100% Pure. Peachy Rose by TANF is a good one too, and a popular shade.

I’m curious – which shades appeal to you? I tend to like more earthy shades on myself, but pinks can be fun too.

*I’m not affiliated with these companies and receive no compensation if you buy something. If you purchase from my Real Purity discount link I get a small store credit. For more on disclaimers, click here.

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