Be Ready: How Natural Beauty Products are Different

How Natural Beauty Products are Different | Makeup DetoxChange is hard. I know sweetie. To help you prepare, I’ve compiled the 4 key ways natural beauty products are different from mainstream.


In the past, ‘natural cosmetics’ meant patchouli-scented greasy products that didn’t perform half as well as their mainstream counterparts.

Because of that, many modern companies take a luxury, boutique approach to differentiate themselves from the hippie-type products from the past (I call this ‘boutique natural’).

This is great, but the downside is the price tag. It’s not the most manageable for those of us on a budget, or anyone looking to re-vamp their entire beauty routine (80$ face cream? Nuh uh).

Rest assured, there are affordable options – small, independent businesses you don’t hear as much about. I’ve scoured the internet for these little gems and I’ll be sharing my insider secrets with you. Their websites may not be as slick or their marketing as glossy, but the products are just as good (often better). And isn’t that what really matters?

Now slow down cowgirl – if you’re hoping for the same price tag as your 2$ Pert Plus bottle, you’re in trouble. We’re paying for quality ingredients remember, not junky, trashy chemicals. Think farmer’s market vs. fast food drive-thru.

So yes- the prices are slightly more expensive, but it’s manageable (I promise). Are you a luxury girl? I’ll also hook you up with the trendiest, splurge-worthy brands.

Where to Shop

You’ll get most of your routine beauty products (lotion, shampoo, etc) at your local health food store. Finding quality, fun makeup is not as easy. Most cosmetics shopping will happen online.

Now before you get your knickers in a bunch, you’ll be getting an Online Shopping Cheat Sheet soon. Shopping online is an adjustment, but it’s also fun. Makeup goody presents in the mail? Yes please.

Loose vs. Pressed

Natural cosmetics are often loose powders… not pressed. I’ll be teaching you some tips and techniques to work with loose minerals. It’s different, but easy-peasy in no time. There are a few pressed options and we’ll talk about those too.

Most Important

Most important, you must have realistic expectations. Mainstream cosmetic companies use toxic chemicals to get alluring results – to make people buy.

14-hour lipstick? No. That’s not happening when you go natural. And really, who freaking cares. Do we need lipstick to last 14 hours? Is it really so horrible to whip out your compact after lunch and re-apply? Have we gotten that lazy?

Your mascara may smudge slightly after your synchronized swimming exhibition (heh). If you take a hot yoga class and sweat your eyeballs off – yes, your armpits may have a vague odor if you shove your nose in there on your walk between the musty studio and the over-crowded showers.

Is this terrible? No. It’s reality. And reality is gooood.

P.S. Please don’t shove your nose in your armpit while walking to the change room.

So: which one of these changes concerns you the most? Why? Tell us in the comments below.
Non-toxic kisses,

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beautybabbling January 17, 2014

I sweat really easily, so I’m struggling with the natural deodorant thing. I’ve tried a few, and they haven’t worked very well for me.


Michele January 17, 2014

Yes deodorant is one of the more difficult items to switch. What I experienced (and I’ve heard others as well) is that the first couple months you sweat and smell a bit more, then your body adjusts. Possible theory: after decades of using anti-perspirant, the armpits go through some type of detox.

We’ll go over this more during ‘Body Month’ but it’s usually a trial/error thing – you need to find the best one for your body chemistry. Good luck!


Ningrum February 4, 2014

I like the way you say ‘reality is goood’, even when it’s about sweat’s aroma! 😀
But, really, after trying to live more naturally, simply, yes, I worth my reality more. I love my life. I love the way I sort things out and buy only things I need. I like reading ingredients. It’s not easy at the starting line, but, huh, I’m into it now! 🙂
By the way, I have on compact powder from 100% Pure. It’s actually compact, but it’s a little bit more powdery than general compact foundations in the market. 🙂
Thank you for sharing!


Michele February 4, 2014

Very cool Ningrum! Yes you’re right – at first it’s an adjustment but it becomes fun! I like how you talk about buying only what you need… I try and do that too even though all these beauty products can get tempting sometimes. 🙂