Give Pits a Chance: Non-Toxic Deodorants

Give Pits a Chance: Non-Toxic Deodorants | Makeup DetoxAh, deodorant. It’s not easy to switch, but it’s one of the more important items to detox in your beauty routine.

Why? A disproportionate amount of breast tumors are found in the upper/outer quadrant of the breast. Some researchers believe this is due to applying deodorant and anti-perspirant every day – that the chemicals are absorbed. Several deodorant ingredients (like aluminum, parabens and fragrance) interfere with your normal hormone function, which has been linked to breast cancer.

Mainstream deodorants often contain triclosan, a probably carcinogen. To top it off, you may find Propylene Glycol – a penetration enhancer – on the ingredient list which helps the other ingredients absorb better. Watch for Propylene Glycol even in natural deodorants.

Beyond ingredients, it’s unhealthy to stop your body from what it does naturally – like sweating.

What Can I Expect When Switching?

When I switched to natural deodorant, I definitely noticed more sweat and body odor at first. Luckily my boyfriend at the time was supportive. It took a couple months for my body to adjust and now? I barely have any odor or wetness, unless I do a hot yoga class or something.

My un-scientific theory? Your poor little armpits have been so clogged by chemicals that your pits go through a little detox process of their own (how cute).

I’ve heard other natural beauty buffs describe a similar experience. So my advice? Start slow. Maybe go natural just on the weekends or on your non-gym days. Gradually increase then just be patient. After a month or two you’ll wonder why you ever used anti-perspirant – just because of a myth we’ve been telling ourselves. You don’t need it. If you’re perspiring heavily and have severe body odor, there are probably other things going on like hormonal issues or dietary allergies.

Great Natural Deodorant Options

Keep in mind: you may need to try a few to find a winner. Some are better than others but it’s also body chemistry.

Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder

This one works best for me. Only drawback is it’s a powder so it doesn’t travel as easily as a stick option. Plus it can transfer to dark clothing more than a clear stick or gel. But it’s AWESOME. It really works.

Green Beaver Deodorant

I like the rose one, the lavender’s nice too. It’s clear and a stick, so great for travel and doesn’t leave white marks. Not quite as effective as the Honeybee Gardens one but still a close second.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

I haven’t tried this myself but people rave about it. It’s a cream so you have to warm it up and spread it in your armpits. Some reviews say the essential oils can be irritating, so skip it if you have sensitive skin. But it’s supposed to be amazing.

Real Purity Deodorant (get 5$ off your first purchase)
Bubble & Bee Pit Putty

I haven’t tried either of these but have read good reviews.

*A general word of caution – if you shave your armpits regularly, liquid sprays usually contain alcohol and will sting (ouch!).

Have you tried any of these? How nervous are you about using natural deodorants? Tell me in the comments below.

Non-Toxic Kisses,

*I’m not affiliated with these companies and receive no compensation if you buy something. If you purchase from my Real Purity discount link I get a small store credit. For more on disclaimers, click here.

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Vikki June 6, 2014

Very interesting! Something I’d never thought about.


Michele June 7, 2014

Yes it’s quite an important item to switch, in my opinion.


mangomadness June 7, 2014

I use a DIY deodorant cream (shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch & coconut oil). I’m curious about Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder.


Michele June 7, 2014

Oh cool – do you have a recipe to share?


mangomadness June 13, 2014


The ingredients are 2 tbsp unrefined shea butter, 1 tbsp + 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tbsp + 1 tsp cornstarch and 1 tbsp coconut oil.

I melt the shea butter and coconut oil, combine all of the ingredients, pour the mixture into a container and let the mixture set in the freezer. I store it in a repurposed 2 oz metal tin.

Alysa June 7, 2014

LOL. This is fitting — considering I totally forgot to wear deodorant yesterday. 😉

They all sound pretty nice. Glad you shared this info! After checking, my natural deodorant actually has Propylene Glycol in it. Oh boy.


Michele June 7, 2014

I know, one of the first natural deos I tried (Tom’s of Maine) has Propylene Glycol. It’s one of those things that’s not the worst out there but it’s better to avoid it if possible. It aids absorption of the other ingredients, so in a natural deodorant it’s not as bad as in a chemical one. It’s used in anti-freeze, I believe, which is totally weird. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


Michelle June 11, 2014

I have been using the Bubble & Bee pit putty cream for several months now…love it! The orange vanilla scent is amazing! I also have the matching body butter scent. Love that the pit putty and lotions can be matched like that.


Michele June 11, 2014

Yes it’s nice to be able to match the scents… I’ve heard good things about Pit Putty, hm, I will have to try it! Orange Vanilla sounds yummilicious.