Lotions & Potions: Non-Toxic Body Lotions

Lotions and Potions: Non-Toxic Body LotionsBody Lotions

Body lotion is a great item to switch because most of us aren’t that attached to a particular brand. It’s also something we get a lot of exposure to: we smear it all over our body and it absorbs all day!

My fave body lotions:

Acure Organics

Ah, I love these body lotions. Affordable, lovely-smelling and they’re not too thick or too thin. Win-win. Only problem is they’re not available in Canada.

Green Beaver

Green Beaver is a Canadian company and you can find their products at most health food stores. They have the thicker Boreal Lotion as well as more everyday options. Both are good. I use the thick Boreal lotion on my feet after the shower.


Much of the sunscreen info will be the same as in the facial sunscreen post – many of my fave facial sunscreens are actually meant for the body but are light enough for the face.

Weird Lotions Like Depilatory Creams and Self-Tanners

Just don’t. Don’t melt hair off your body. Do I need to go into this anymore? I don’t know what chemicals are used to melt hair, but you probably don’t want them in your bloodstream.

Self-tanners are toxic too. I mean, really. It’s not natural. Embrace your natural tone and work it.

Have you tried natural body lotions? What are your favorite ones?

Non-Toxic Kisses,

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mangomadness June 23, 2014

My favorite natural body lotions are Shea Moisture lotions and Nubian Heritage lotions.


Michele June 30, 2014

Hm, I haven’t tried either of those, will have to look into them!


Alysa June 23, 2014

Rocking my ghostly tone. 🙂 Thanks for the natural lotion ideas! The Acure Organic ones look awesome. Unscented, yes please!


Michele June 30, 2014

Yes I love the Acure lotions. I admit I do love the sun but I think people look best in their natural state – if you’re fair-skinned, work it! Porcelain beauty is lovely. 🙂