Natural Brow Makeup (Without Looking Crazy)

Natural Brow Makeup - Without Looking Crazy | Makeup DetoxEven though I have dark eyebrows, I fill in my brows pretty much every day. It’s one of those things that makes you look more polished. While I use loose minerals for my eyeshadows, I use pressed powder for my brows. Why? Because I don’t want to look crazy.

Loose minerals can show up more intensely and the last thing you want is overdone brows. So my recommendation is to go pressed.

I use this little pan by Ecco Bella (I think I have the Earth color). It lasts forever and is the perfect color for me. You can get a palette at TKB Trading or directly from Ecco Bella.

Real Purity has some good pressed options, like Matte Cocoa or Mocha Brown. Just make sure they’re 100% matte with no shimmer.

You can use loose powders too – pressed is just my preference. Brow colors are really something you need to try yourself so buy samples or check your local health food store.

For a brush, use an angle brush.

Bonus tip: if you have dark hair, your brows should be one shade lighter. If you have light hair, your brows should be one shade darker.

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