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Natural Lipglosses | Makeup DetoxAy… natural lipglosses. If you’ve been attempting to go natural, you know finding a good lipgloss is tougher than lipstick. I’ve sampled so many and they’re usually oily and/or too sheer. It’s hard to get it right without using silicones – a staple in most mainstream lipglosses.

What’s so bad about silicones? It’s not the worst thing out there for you, but Skin Deep says it can cause organ system toxicity (non-reproductive) and can be bioaccumulative, which means it can build up in the body. You’ll often see the silicone ‘dimethicone’ listed – most ingredients ending in ‘cone’ are silicones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that silicone is occlusive – this means it creates a barrier on the skin. This is good for keeping moisture in, but it also may trap bacteria or dust. If you don’t avoid silicones in general, I would still avoid them in face care products for the sole reason it may block pores.

Here are two companies that make a mean lipgloss (in a good way):

Lauren Brooke Lip Glazes | Makeup Detox

Lauren Brooke makes both lip glosses and lip glazes… I’m partial to the lip glazes because I find the formula a bit creamier and the colors more saturated. Unfortunately there are only two color options. Hint hint, Lauren Brooke, are you listening?  😉  The lip glazes have a slanted tip applicator and you twist them to push the product up (being the genius I am, it took me a moment to figure this out the first time).

Green Beaver Lipglosses | Makeup Detox

*Update: Unfortunately Green Beaver doesn’t make their amazing lip glosses anymore.

Green Beaver is a Canadian company that I’m loving more and more. The company name is kind of dorky but that’s okay. You’ll be seeing more of GB here in the next couple months.

Their ‘splendicious’ lipglosses are the types you see at the health food store checkout for 5$, so I assumed they wouldn’t be great. I ignored them for a while but when I tried them, oh boy. I just love them. Mocha is my go-to color – it’s so creamy, has a nice amount of shimmer… it’s just gorgeous. And for the price, they can’t be beat. Green Beaver lipglosses have a slanted tip applicator and a squeeze tube.

Buy Lauren Brooke lip glazes for 8.50$ here (they have samples too).

Buy Green Beaver Splendicious Lipglosses for 5$ here. And yes I like saying splendicious. You can also find these at most health food stores, at least here in Montreal.

Non-toxic kisses,

*I’m not affiliated with Green Beaver and receive no compensation if you buy something. Links to Lauren Brooke are affiliate links that would benefit me should you make a purchase.  For more on disclaimers, click here.

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