Non-Toxic Hair Styling Products

Non-Toxic Hair Styling Products | Makeup DetoxMany of my fave natural hair products come from the same companies as my favorite shampoos… don’t mess with success, right?

Again keep in mind I have thick hair prone to frizziness – if you have the opposite, I’m not sure these will work for you, but worth a try.

Giovanni 2Chic>>Leave-In Conditioning and Styling Elixir

Like the shampoo, this isn’t the cleanest option because it contains phenoxyethanol; a preservative that’s better than parabens but still has some toxicity. That being said it’s available in Canada, it’s affordable and it tames frizz well, so I use it.

Max Green Alchemy>>Scalp Rescue Styling Gel

This is called a ‘gel’ but it’s not a typical gel that becomes stiff – it still leaves your hair flexible so it’s more of a gel-like lotion. It’s a nice product and pretty affordable but it costs 30$ to ship to Canada. Not. Happening. You can order it on but you may end up paying duties/fees.

Original Moxie >>Various Styling Products

Honestly I couldn’t choose just one because I’ve tried several that I liked. I’ve used the pink ones for my hair type. I absolutely love their products. A little pricier but high quality.

Honeybee Gardens>>Hairspray

I’ve never been much of a hairspray person and I haven’t tried this myself but I’ve heard good things. If you’ve tried it leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

What’s your favorite natural hair product? Leave a comment and let us know.

Non-toxic kisses,

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Rachel October 17, 2014

Thanks for the mention, Michelle! We’re thrilled that Original Moxie made your list of faves :-). FYI, we do offer shipping to Canada direct from our website. It’s actually fairly affordable and quick, to boot.


Michele October 19, 2014

Oh really! How fantastic. I just loved using your products when I lived in the States, good hair days for miles. 🙂 I will definitely check that out and change the post, thanks for the tip.