Nail it! Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Nail it! Non-Toxic Nail Polish | Makeup DetoxOh gawd. Life without nail polish… is it worth living? Well you don’t need to decide because there are non-toxic nail polish options available.

There are two types of non-toxic nail polish: water-based and 5-free (or 3-free). Water-based are, well water-based. I’ve tried two brands (Scotch and Honeybee Gardens) and I’ve found the polish to be kind of plastic-y/tacky to the touch and they only last a day or two. Water-based are the most natural options but I don’t use them.

I use 5-free polishes, which means they’re free from the worst chemicals in mainstream nail polish:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Toluene
  3. Dibutyl Pthalate
  4. Formaldehyde Resin
  5. Camphor

Some polishes are just ‘3-free’ and are free from the first 3 ingredients. 5-free is best but 3-free is still a good option. 5-free nail polishes are not all-natural, but you’re avoiding the worst offenders.

*Tip: To get a better sense of the colors, do a google image search for any brand/shade you’re interested in.


For online shopping, good resources are: SpiritBeautyLounge (U.S.) and NailPolishCanada (Canada).


This is my fave brand. They’re affordable and have a ton of different colors and finishes. They last quite well too. I also use their polish remover. To purchase in Canada, click here.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish | Makeup Detox


I’ve tried both of these and they’re good. To purchase SpaRitual in Canada, click here.

Kure Bazaar

I’ve never tried Kure Bazaar but I’ve heard good things.

Do you wear nail polish? Are you more into brights, neutrals or vampy darks (my personal fave)? Let me know in the comments.

Non-Toxic Kisses,

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mangomadness June 12, 2014

I love nail polish, especially brights. I use 3-free nail polish & acetone-free nail polish remover. In the future I’ll try Mineral Fusion nail polish & nail polish remover.


Michele June 20, 2014

Yes I have one mineral fusion polish, it’s not my favorite color so I don’t use it that much but I remember it having a good consistency. Thanks for commenting!


Katarzyna Sadej August 12, 2015

Hi!! You should definitely try Gabriel nail polish – it’s 5-free and super good quality. Also, super shiny, like some of those awesome-looking high-end lacquers that are not so high end when it comes to your innards (i.e. Estee Lauder polish, Chanel polish, etc). I did write a review of the Gabriel polishes here:


Michele August 12, 2015

Very cool! Haven’t tried those yet. The yellow looks awesome, especially for the summer. Thanks for commenting!