Be Nice To Your Lady Parts: Non-Toxic Tampons and Personal Care

Be Nice To Your Lady Parts: Non-Toxic Tampons and Personal Care | Makeup DetoxYour vajay-jay is precious. It’s also one of the most absorbent areas of the body, so it’s important to think about what we put on/in our darling lady jewels (oh you know the euphemisms are just gonna keep on coming).

Baddie No-No Ingredients in Mainstream Tampons and Pads


As I’ve mentioned many times on the blog, the ingredient ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ is an umbrella term companies use to include hundreds of chemicals. They’re not required to disclose these ingredients due to trade secret laws, however many of them are toxic, carcinogenic and disruptive to your normal hormone function (not sexy). Avoid.


Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and almost always genetically modified. These GMO’s and pesticides end up in your vagina. That’s bad.

Most people think eating something unhealthy is the most dangerous, but in fact there are safeguards in our digestive processes (like how our liver processes toxins, etc) that do protect us – absorbed toxins just go directly into the bloodstream.

Now don’t go out and eat Ding-Dongs or Twinkies and say ‘Michele said it was okay’. Eating junk isn’t good either.

Bleach (Dioxin)

How do your little tampons get whitey-white? Bleach, girl. What’s in bleach? Nasty stuff, but namely dioxin, which has been linked to cancer.


Aside from being terrible for the environment, plastics contain pthalates which are hormone-disruptors. Plus they don’t let your vagina breathe. Don’t suffocate your vagina.

In case you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a freaky video where Andrea Donsky from NaturallySavvy burns two menstrual pads: an Always pad and an organic pad. The differences will surprise you.

So What Do You Do?

Only Use Unbleached, Unscented, Organic Tampons/Pads

This is what I use and it’s the easiest switchover. It’s pretty much the same except perhaps slightly more expensive. You can find these at any health food store.

Try Something Like the Diva Cup

When I was a wee teenage feminist hippie we had something called The Keeper (heh) which was pretty much the same as the Diva Cup. I looked it up and The Keeper still exists! Hallelujah. Anyway these options involve getting a little, ahem, up close and personal with yourself but you should be getting comfortable with your parts anyway (in my opinion).

Being reusable, The Diva Cup is financially wise over the long-term although it’s a small investment up front (about 35$). I recently purchased one and they made me buy the larger size because I’m over 30, which offended me. My vagina is not over the hill. Anyhoo… it works well but it does take a little practice to get it positioned right. When you do, you can go 12 hours without thinking about it. It’s a little uncomfortable getting it in and out but you just need to get used to it. I don’t like using it on my first day when I have cramps. Otherwise, it’s definitely a good choice, especially since you’re not throwing things out every month (halo included). Honestly I remember the Keeper being easier to use, I think it’s smaller maybe? But who knows because that was when my vagina was young and spry.

Go Hippie and Use Reusable Pads

Again in my feminist hippie days I also used reusable pads. I had a little hippie friend who sewed them on her hippie sewing machine out of hippie cloth. But you can buy these in health food stores and online – they have cute patterns and everythinggggg!

This isn’t the most, er, glam approach as you end up with blood-stained pads which don’t look super chic in your panty drawer. After using them you can soak them in a little bucket of water or just wash them by hand then throw them in the laundry. It’s a little more labor-intensive but you get extra points in heaven for being more environmentally conscious. Bonus if you use organic materials.

Squat in the Forest for 5 Days

Just kidding.

Feminine Wipes/Washes/Douches/Powder

Do women use these anymore? Seems so 80’s. If you’re using these please stop. Don’t get me started on a feminist rant about how our natural bodies aren’t something to cover up/be ashamed about, etc. etc. But beyond that, these chemicals are bad for you. If you’re having noticeable vaginal odor or unusual discharges, it’s not normal – you need to see your doctor and check for infections or whatever. If everything checks out okay but you still notice an odor, I’d suggest cleaning up your diet – but that’s just my opinion.

Bottom line: Don’t use douches or any such nonsense. (Non-toxic) soap and water prevails, every time.

Birth Control and Lube

Okay this isn’t my area of expertise so I’ll send you over to nutritionist Meghan Telpner’s site who has several great posts on this. Yes, we do have to think about this too ladies. Anything that goes in or on our bodies affects us over time.

Wow. You’re still here. You must really care about your vagina (as you should). If you want to read more, check out these articles:

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*I’m not affiliated with these companies and receive no compensation if you buy something. For more on disclaimers, click here.

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Green Feminine Hygiene Queen July 2, 2014

Great coverage on this very important topic! For more interesting videos that further support some of the points expressed in your article, visit Maxim, organic and natural cotton tampons and pads, are a healthier, more sustainable, disposable option.