The Best All-Natural Concealers

The Best All-Natural Concealers | Makeup DetoxConcealers are one of the harder items to switch, mainly because it has to match your skin tone perfectly. You have to get samples when buying concealers online.

I’ve tried several but one remains the winner: The All Natural Face Cream Foundation. It’s called ‘cream foundation’ but it’s thick enough to use as a concealer, in fact I think it would be quite heavy as a foundation.

The All Natural Face has a foundation sample pack so you can find your exact shade. Then you can buy it in the cream foundation. It lasts forever and costs 6.50$ for the small jar, so you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Another ANF option is their color correctors – I use the midas (yellow) one for under my eyes. It should be noted that I have a chronic illness which leaves me exhausted all the time, yet a common thing people say is, ‘but you don’t look sick!’. That’s difficult for other reasons, but for the purpose of concealers? It’s good news. Here’s my under-eye routine:

  • start with the color correcting midas concealer (sometimes)
  • put the cream concealer over it
  • buff in face powder
  • apply blush and make sure to get it high enough on my cheek that it overlaps a bit to my under-eye (sounds weird, but it works)

After doing this I definitely look less tired.

Another option I’ve tried in the past is Earth’s Beauty concealer. It’s quite thick and putty-like, so for more stubborn issues like scars, discolorations or even just everyday use it’s a good option. They only have a few colors so that’s a drawback, but I had the medium shade and used it all up.

Many natural companies sell loose powder concealers, but I can’t get on board with them – the cream options give better coverage and don’t look powdery or cake-y.

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Nicole June 5, 2014

Hi. I discovered your website tonight which has been very helpful. About 5 years ago, I found out about toxic ingredients in makeup and skin care. I only look for the most natural and chemical free makeup and skin care which is not always easy to find. Your website has been helpful because there were a few companies I’d never heard of before. Thank you for what you do!


Michele June 7, 2014

That is so sweet Nicole, thank you so much! Glad to hear you’re getting some new ideas for products.


mangomadness June 7, 2014

I use Eve Organics Beauty Stick Concealer. It’s affordable, comes in a good shade range and covers my hyperpigmentation well.


Michele June 7, 2014

Oh yes I tried their lip gloss a while ago and liked it but never got around to purchasing a full size… I haven’t tried their concealers yet though, thanks for the tip! Here’s the site in case anyone’s interested: