What Big Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Their Products

What Big Cosmetic Companies Don't Want You to Know About Their Products | Makeup DetoxBefore we dive into lipstick heaven, we need to get a few things straight.

You’re interested in in being healthy and avoiding toxins. You’ve probably read a few articles and are vaguely aware of something called ‘parabens’.

But does it really matter? Does the shampoo you choose really make a long-term difference?

Look, if you’re eating fast food every day, smoking cigarettes and downing soda after soda while sitting on your butt watching Real Housewives… switching to natural mascara probably won’t save you.

But if you’re already taking better care of yourself – maybe you’ve joined the YMCA or you’re eating more salads and less Taco Bell… then detoxing your beauty routine is a fantastic (and fun) next step.

But first: the gruesome facts. If you’re new to all this, you may want to sit down. What I’m about to share is pretty shocking.

Thought the FDA had your back?

When it comes to personal care products… not so much:

  • The FDA does not test or approve beauty products. [tweet this]

  • U.S. cosmetic laws were last changed in 1938. [tweet this]

  • U.S. law does not require the labeling of beauty products. [tweet this]

  • 1,328 chemicals are banned from cosmetics in Europe; the FDA has banned only 11. [tweet this]

  • U.S. cosmetic companies reformulate their products with cleaner ingredients for the European market… but leave the toxins in for their U.S. customers (it’s cheaper). [tweet this]

Canada’s doing better than the States but there are still many ingredients to watch out for.

What kind of nasties are in my beauty products?

We’ll get into this in more detail throughout the next six months. But here are some chilling previews:

Pthalates Linked to Diabetes in Women

Pthalates are a hidden ingredient in ‘fragrance’, or ‘parfum’. If you go in your bathroom right now and read ingredient lists, you’ll find fragrance listed in almost every one. Pthalates are also found in most nail polishes.

They cause all different types of problems, but a recent study linked pthalate exposure to diabetes in women.

Parabens Found in 99% of Breast Tumors

Parabens are listed as methyparaben, butylparaben or propylparaben. They’re used as a preservative and found in many beauty products, especially water-based ones. A British study found parabens in 99% of breast tumors.

Yes you read that right. Does that mean that the parabens caused the tumors? It’s not definitive. But isn’t that enough for us to re-evaluate the products we use every day?

So what does this all mean?

It means that the manufacturing and regulation of cosmetics is equivalent to the wild wild west – pretty much anything goes.

And in the case between ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘billions of dollars’, who usually wins? (Hint: billions of dollars).

Mainstream beauty products aren’t safe. The effect of all these chemicals on our bodies is still being tested. Guinea pig=YOU.

Are you fired up yet?

Me too. But the cool thing about this rah rah revolution we’re about to start? It involves shimmer.

And pink lipstick.

And bubble bath.

It’s a pretty sweet deal really. Over the next six months, you’ll discover all-natural products that smell, feel and work way better than their toxic-nasty counterparts – all while being a funky little activist.

You rebel, you  😉

In the comments, tell me: Is this news to you? How do you feel about it?

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